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Benarus is a small watch company that has been founded 2008 in Germany.  
It is focused on diver watches produced in a small quantity but high quality.
Meanwhile the company is based in Hong kong and all watches will be shipped from there.




The  Barracuda was the first model and produced 2008 in a limited edition of 100 pieces.
It had a Miyota 8215 movement and was 42mm in diameter.
The next model was the Sea Devil which also came out 2008 but 300 watches with different dial
colors and case finishes.
It also had the Miyota 8215 movement but a 45mm case diameter.
Sea Devil.jpg
Next came the Moray, a model that has been produced over all the years in different case sizes
from 40mm up to 47mm and Different materials like, stainless steel , bronze  Titanium and brass.
Various movements have been used like  Miyota 8215,  miyota 9015, ETA 2824 and Seiko NH35.
There was also a titanium chronograph with an eta 2894
Morays dif.jpg
The Benarus 1km was planned to be the first model but production of this "made in Germany"
model took almost 2 years.
It had  an ETA 2824 and 42mm diameter. 33 pieces have been produced.
1 KM.jpg
2009 the Worldiver and  Mildiver came out and shared the same case.
The Worldiver was a GMT watch and available withMiyota quartz or Eta2893 automatic.
The Mildiver on the picture below had a Miyota 9015.
Also in 2009 the first Megalodon came out.
A 47mm watch with a 49mm bezel and 2500m water resistance.
It is still in production and has been produced with ETA 2824 and Miyota 9015 movements over the
years and in different materials like stainless steel, titanium and bronze.
On the picture below is the first batch in steel and the current batch in bronze. 
Meg steel and bronze.jpg
Benarus Remora has been produced 2010 and 2011.
Movement Miyota 9015, diameter 42mm.
The 2010 batch had a ceramic bezel insert and the 2011 batch sapphire.
The Sea Snake came out 2013.
It was 42mm in diameter and got a miyota 9015
Sea Snake.jpg
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